The Waves Club Caloundra COVID-19 Information

Last Update: 2:11pm, Monday, July 13, 2020.

Current Trading Status

The Waves Club Caloundra is now OPEN. The Waves officially reopened at 11:00am on Wednesday, July 1. The pokie room, bar, bistro and coffee shop areas are now OPEN. Some facilities and services remain temporarily suspended including live music, trivia, and bingo.

Latest News

Friday, July 13:
Friday, July 3:
  • GAMING ROOM REOPENED: 9:25am: As per the State Government's ongoing easing of restrictions, The Waves Gaming Room is open from 12:00pm today. 
Tuesday, June 30:
  • STAGE 3 EASE OF RESTRICTIONS: 4:51pm: The State Government's announcement today was an exciting one. From 12:00pm, Friday July 3 restrictions will be eased. The following changes will then apply to The Waves.

    • Sectioned areas of club with patron limits of 20 will no longer apply. Instead, The Waves Sports Club is treated as one venue with a limit of 1 person per 4 square meters of space. This will allow us a total of 165 people in the venue.

    • Forced closure on the pokie room will no longer apply and our newly redeveloped gaming room will reopen.

    • At all times correct hygiene and appropriate social distancing will still apply, but as of 12:00pm this Friday, The Waves will be back to near full operational trade in all areas.

    Finally, from and including Saturday, July 4, The Waves Club Caloundra's trading hours will increase from 10am until late, 7 days.

Wednesday, June 24:
  • RE-OPENING CUSTOMER GUIDE: 4:42pm: The Waves has now produced an infographic guide to assist members and guests for our planned reopening on Wednesday, July 1. Please click this link or click the image below to view the PDF infographic guide. 

The Waves Club Caloundra

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is The Waves Club Caloundra currently open for business? 

Yes, from 11:00am, Wednesday July 1 The Waves Club Caloundra reopened the main club including the bistro, coffee shop, and bar, and from July 3, the pokie room also reopened. Some facilities and services remain temporarily suspended including live music, bingo, and the pokie room.

2. When can I play bingo again at The Waves Club Caloundra?

All bingo sessions will recommence at The Waves from and including Wednesday, July 15.

3. Can I play the pokies at The Waves Club Caloundra?

Yes, on July 3 The Waves Club Caloundra reopened the pokie room for regular trade. 

4. Is there live music at The Waves Club Caloundra? 

Not yet. All live music will remain suspended until further notice. It's anticipated that live music will be reinstated towards the end of July.  

5. When The Waves Club Caloundra reopens on July 1, can I visit for just a meal, or just a drink, or do I have to purchase both together?

You may enjoy both or either. There will be no requirement for you to purchase food and drink together.  

6. Are there specific times I can visit, and are there time limits on how long I can stay?

Not anymore. After 10:00am, July 3, sectioned areas and visitor time limits were no longer enforced and usual trade practice resumed.  

7. Will The Waves Club Caloundra honour gift cards or vouchers which expired during the COVID-19 shutdown?

Yes, The Waves Club Caloundra will honour all expired gift cards and vouchers which have expired in validity during this COVID-19 shutdown. Please keep your expired gift cards and vouchers and present them to The Waves Club Caloundra reception at your next convenience. 

8. Is The Waves Club Caloundra safe to visit due to COVID-19? 

Additional to already stringent hygiene policies, The Waves Club Caloundra has also put into effect additional disinfecting of surfaces and frequently touched areas and is encouraging social distancing amongst staff and customers. We are also sending home any member, guest, or staff person who exhibits even minor symptoms of illness such as coughing, sneezing, running nose, fever, or shortness of breath.

With these hygiene and safety precautions in place, no obvious signs of illness in the club, and guided by advice from Queensland Health, we have no reason to believe The Waves is not a safe place to visit.  

COVID-19 Precautions in Effect at The Waves Club Caloundra

The first necessary measure we have implemented is to send home any visitors who are clearly feeling unwell and are even mildly symptomatic of fever, running nose, coughing, sneezing, or shortness of breath. While we understand this is not an easy or comfortable temporary policy, we do insist that it is a necessary precaution for all, of which we are thankful of everyone’s cooperation.

Additional Actions in Effect:

  • Encouraging social distancing.
  • Supplying additional hand-sanitiser.
  • Cancelling events, entertainment, and promotions which encourages large audiences.
  • Sending staff home who are exhibiting even mild symptoms of illness.
  • Disinfecting surfaces and frequently touched areas every hour.
  • Disinfecting pokie machines every hour and upon request.
  • Carefully monitoring the situation and following guidance from the World Health Organisation, other health organisations, and Australian industry specialists.
  • Disinfecting The Waves Club Caloundra courtesy buses at the beginning of each day, and hourly, during operation. 


Need to Know More?

For any other questions or concerns relating to how The Waves is handling COVID-19, please email us at or send us a message on any of our social media channels.