Member's Benefits

Membership with The Waves: 

Just one solitary dollar coin is all it takes to become a valued social member of The Waves for LIFE. There's no renewals, no fees and no fine print. Just one single dollar for a lifetime of membership, but the good news just starts there...

Loyalty Points Accrual: 

Every dollar spent within The Waves means points earned to you, the member, to your membership card and completely redeemable at anytime for cash money, or food and beverage purchases throughout the club.

Members Discounts:

Present your membership card and any point of sale within The Waves when purchasing beverages to receive an instant discount on those purchases. 

Membership Draws:

Does $4,000 appeal to you? Every week The Waves hosts its member's cash draws on Sunday afternoon and you have the chance of winning $up to a $4,000 jackpot or a $100 consolation draw prize each week. 

Daily Gameshows:

Five days of every week The Waves hosts a game show for its members. Game shows are hosted by excited and talented MC's and over $3,500 is given away each week along with many other prizes.